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Quartz Watch In The End How Much Technical Content

In the past has been a detailed understanding of the mechanical movement of the article, then today I have to explain some of the article on the movement of quartz, on the quartz movement on the network illustrated and rare, first of all I first to introduce this article. This article I will use the original two genuine Cartier movement used to do the standard version, but also come up with the most common Swiss quartz movement to do a comparison, so that we have a rough concept of the quartz movement, also Through this article so that we understand that the original quartz movement and the ordinary Swiss quartz movement is a high imitation table commonly used in the Swiss quartz movement What is the difference, first of all I come to explain the first to explain the first plate machine core.

Original Cartier 1/2 method (round) quartz movement

This quartz movement is mainly applied in the authentic Cartier blue balloon W69010Z4, this movement is the supplier of the Ronda Group, of course, the movement is also made by the Cartier Group to the Ronda Group of products. First of all, we look at the appearance of this movement, in the middle I do not do too much to explain, because the quartz movement is relatively simple, mainly by the pulse frequency to ensure the accuracy of the movement, I directly in this Movement of the summary of a one-time explanation.

We can see this simple quartz movement, but also not shoddy, Cartier in this movement, also added a layer similar to the Swiss ETA movement of the same platinum-plated body plate, and in the movement board On the Polish on the beautiful radiation sun pattern, while the top of the battery added two modified drill bit. Here to tell you friends about what. Quartz movement of the drill bit relative to the mechanical movement will be much weaker, because the quartz movement does not rely on drill bits to achieve the function.

Quartz movement accuracy comes mainly from the pulse frequency, relying on the battery to give the watch a stable power, rather than the same as the mechanical watch through the mechanical parts of the power conversion, which is why the quartz movement will be accurate in the mechanical watch important the reason.

Although it is a simple thing, but Cartier is willing to make a simple quartz movement similar to the Swiss production of mechanical movement of the same process, such as the Polish sun pattern lines, in the movement of the rotating position to add fine workmanship gear The At this point is also very commendable.

Original Cartier 1/2 method (square) quartz movement

In order to facilitate everyone to understand more, I also took out the original Cartier 28mm tank series of watches used to give you the appreciation of the principle and process and the circular version of the quartz movement is exactly the same.

Of course, can not blindly for the original song praises, the original is not myth, in my opinion, although this is a price of up to 30,000 yuan watch installed by the movement, but I still think that this movement has room for improvement , In the precision, the use of the best resistance material is necessary. This is even high-end high imitation table is also necessary, which is still done Cartier.

But in the platinum version we can note that although the Polish is very beautiful, but still because the mold is not accurate, so that we can see the green current plate, compared to Patek Philippe quartz watch, integrated completely wrapped in quartz machine Core, even the details of the battery bits have done Polish excellence, I think Cartier as a real luxury, or should be a step forward.