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Comparison Of Mechanical Watch And Quartz Watch

Mechanical watch features:

1, mechanical watch travel and quartz watch different, mechanical watch second hand is continuous uninterrupted walk.

2, because the mechanical watch movement complex, travel time error (depending on the brand may be) the general allowable range of + -45 seconds, the Observatory movement error is small, one day error in -4 / +6 seconds normal. Mechanical watch travel time error can not be accumulated, watch a period of time to be debugged.

3, fine craft, easy to use, on the foot winding can go more than 36 hours.

4, the movement of long life.

5, the appearance of some thicker than the quartz watch (depending on the brand may be), there are some brands are thin, but are generally manual mechanical watch.

Quartz table features:

1, the quartz watch when the second hand is a cell jump, travel is very accurate, generally require months within 15 seconds, there are three and two needle two.

2, the movement in the use of integrated circuits, mechanical structure than the mechanical watch a lot of simple, very easy assembly.

3, easy to use, no need to wear on the winding, a battery is generally available 2-3 years. But some quartz watch with lithium battery, long life, available 7-8 years or so.

4, the quartz table price relative to the mechanical table cheap (with the same brand), but some high-end brand quartz watch is expensive because the brand is good, the appearance of good material (18K gold or diamonds or precious metals), excellent design, resulting in some quartz watch Much higher than the average mechanical watch value.