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A Simple Way To Determine Whether The Quartz Watch Is Magnetized

Magnetic and electricity are the physical phenomena in nature, there is electricity on the magnetic. In today's social life, electronic products are everywhere, so there is a strong or weak magnetic field around us.

Various types of permanent magnets are also widely used in electrical appliances. Typically, loudspeakers and motors, magnets and DC magnetic fields are capable of magnetizing "hard magnetic" materials such as steel. There is the bag on the magnetic buckle, Quartz Watch and credit cards are most afraid of stained with magnetic.

There are many steel materials in the Quartz Watch, such as the size of steel wheels, escapement wheel, gear shaft tenon, bearings, screws and hairspring, so the watch is very easy to be magnetized. Once the Quartz Watch magnetized, the impact of the first increase is the error, the serious will stop the watch. Although the quartz watch has not been magnetized, but there is a strong magnetic field in the possible stop.

Magnetic field everywhere, very hard to detect, and sure enough the original with a good end of the Quartz Watch, suddenly go when the error becomes larger, we must first guess whether the magnetic.

If the walks are sucked together, the hand goes faster, about 2 hours / day or so, and the steel parts are the most Easy to be magnetized, including the escapement wheel and escapement fork, as well as gossamer, magnetic force will affect and interfere with the balance wheel cycle. So, now in daily life, strong magnetic field can be seen everywhere, the most typical is the bag of magnetic buckle, which thing is made of aluminum iron boron, magnetic incredibly, there are a variety of electrical appliances, so the Quartz Watch is easy to be unknowingly The magnetization of the.

The simplest way to judge is to use a sensitive point compass, flat. And then the Quartz Watch quickly and repeatedly over the compass over the compass above, this action also need to change the table several directions, and then repeat the work, as long as the compass of the needle. It means that the table has been magnetic.